Kenricks Premium Sofa Chair Ball With Socket Furniture Castors Parker Knoll


Kenrick Branded Premium Quality Furniture Castors

Use the first drop down menu to select the fitting type.

The second drop down menu will allow you to select the finished colour of castors.

Use the third drop down menu to select the amount. The more you buy the cheaper each castor works out to be!

Kenrick Premium quality aluminium ball castors

Colours available:

  • Beige
  • Brown
  • Chrome
  • Gold

Ideal for all types of chairs and sofa's, beds, foot stools,
and most pieces of furniture

They are also suited for heavy pieces of furniture, making
them easy to move on carpets & rugs

These Metal Wheels give 300Kg Load per set of four

These high quality castors are used by the better quality furniture makers.

The castor's wheels are 50mm / 2" diameter

The castors will come complete with the fitting fitted to the castor so you just need to choose the right one for your furniture

Simply remove the whole of the existing castor (and sleeve if needed).
Tap the replacement sleeve in with a hammer (unless using the M8/M8/Square plate fittings).
insert the new castor into the sleeve (or screw if using the M8/M10 fitting).
If you need to drill a new hole, use a 10mm or 3/8’’ drill bit

Fittings available:

Pressed Pin with Grip Neck Socket

Pivot Pin With Cast Socket

38 x 38mm Square Plate Fitting (Requires 4 screws to mount to furniture- not included)

M8 Thread (8mm)

M10 Thread (10mm)

Quantities Available:

Pack of 2

Pack of 4

Pack of 6

Pack of 8