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Curtain Lead Weights

Use the drop down bar to select the weight required - The price and picture will adjust accordingly.

Lead Curtain Weights

The professional way to finish your curtains

All weights sold in packs of 10. The tape is sold by the metre. Should you require more than one metre, put 2 or more in the quantity box and we will send as one piece.

Just add this to the curtain hem, and your curtains will drape with perfection giving you that showhome look and finish. This will also help the curtains stay in position when it gets windy with the window open.

The general rule for the weights is; the lighter the curtain (voiles, sheers or general light fabrics) the lighter and smaller the weight. The heavier your curtain (jacquards, flame retardant fabrics etc) the heavier your weight should be.

3mm holes either side of the weight allows you to easily sew these to the curtain. We have a painted finish, on some items, so there is no problem with dirty hands / fabric etc. More details below.

Penny Weights - Available coated or non coated. 4 sizes available; 22mm, 25mm, 28mm or 32mm.

Rectangle Weights - Available uncoated only. 1 Size available only - 35mm.

Stick Weights - Available coated only. 3 sizes available; 13g (38mm), 25g (58mm) or 50g (77mm).

Fabric Covered Weights - Available one size only 38mm x 32mm 15g.

Hemming Tape Rope Weight - Available in 5 sizes (weights); 25g, 50g, 100g, 200g or 400g. The weight shown is the approximate weight per metre of length. The tape is made up of lead pieces woven into fabric.

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