Cotton Upholstery Flock Felt Wadding Padding Filling 68cm Wide FLAME RETARDANT


27" Wide Flame Retardant Cotton Flock

Please use the drop down box at the top of the listing for the required amount, and for the a choice of the 2 weights - 550g or 750g
If you need 2 Metres, use the 1 Metre option and put 2 in the quantity.


Add that quality look to your upholstery project!

It is traditionally used in antique furniture as a top layer for horse hair & fibre, although it can also be used in modern upholstery as a topping and over foam.

You can use it on its own also as just a padding!

When To Use The Flock

The flock has a great ability to smooth out uneven distribution of horse hair & fibre, it also smooths out hard edges on foam.

How To Use The Flock

Cut our your required shape, then using your index finger & thumb, tear away the top edge of the felt. This will feather the edge and give a quality finish!