The Chateau By Angel Strawbridge Deco Heron Navy / Grey Reverse Duvet Cover Set


The Chateau By Angel Strawbridge Deco Heron Navy / Grey Reverse Duvet Cover Set - Single - Includes 1 Pillowcase is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

Deco Heron Bed Set

The Chateau By Angel Strawbridge

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Deco Heron

“I’m a city girl, well, I was a city girl, and escaping the busy streets of London’s East End to the peace and tranquillity of the French countryside has been a journey of discovery. Chateau de la Motte Husson hosts an incredible variety of wildlife right on its doorstep. It’s my husband Dick Strawbridge who gives the children, and I, a master-class every day on what we see out the windows

We are very lucky to be surrounded by a moat, not only is it peaceful and full of fish, but every morning a Heron perches on a rock and eats our fish.Dorothy has taken a real liking to our adopted Heron, often shouting at the top of her voice ‘The Heron.. The Heron!’It often flies off at this point, but we all run to the window to see it in flight!In Japanese culture, the bird represents a noble and graceful appearance and a sign of purity, I suppose that must be why I’m drawn to it! “

  • Composition: 100% Cotton

  • High quality 200 Thread count

  • Accessories sold seperately

Duvet covers available in different sizes (approx):

  • Single Duvet Set- 137cm x 200cm (includes 1 pillowcase)
  • Double Duvet Set - 200cm x 200cm (includes 2 pillowcases)
  • King Duvet Set - 230cm x 220cm (Includes 2 Pillowcases)
  • Super King Duvet Set - 260cm x 220cm (Includes 2 Pillowcases)
  • 43x43cm Deco Heron Grey Cushion
  • 43x43cm Heron In The Moat Grey Cushion
  • 43x43cm Heron In The Moat Navy Cushion
  • 43x43cm Lilypad Grey Cushion
  • 43x43cm Lilypad Navy Cushion
  • 43x43cm Deco Heron Teal Cushion

NOTE: We have been given these sizes as a guide only, and cannot be held responsible if the sizes are out slightly. Photos are for illustration only.

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