John James Big Range Hand Sewing Needles Various Size Packs With Different Uses


John James Big Range Hand Sewing Needles Various Size Packs With Different Uses - Beading / 10 is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

John James Hand Needles

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John James Hand Needles

4 needles - available sizes 10 or 12

Beading hand sewing needles are very fine, long straight sewing needles with long eyes made from the finest steel wire and are expertly crafted. These hand sewing needles are designed for and are fantastic to use with beads, pearls and sequins and they are particularly useful in the art of threading and stringing pearls.

Please note: the picture for the beading is a stock photo and will not be the full pack of 25 needles as shown in the photo. The beading is a pack of 4 needles.

6 needles - available sizes 18, 18/24 or 22

Chenille sewing needles are large eye needles and are identical to a Tapestry or a Cross Stitch Needle in length and in diameter. However, the Chenille point is sharp, rather than round and blunt and is used in the art of crewel embroidery and ribbon embroidery.

Cotton Darners
12 needles - available sizes 3/9, 5 or 9
10 needles - available sizes 1/5

Cotton Darners are strong needles with sharp points and long eyes and are commonly used for mending and darning using cotton and yarn

12 needles size 1/5
16 needles - available sizes 3/9, 5/10, 7 or 9

Embroidery sewing needles are sometimes referred to as Crewel Needles. Embroidery needles are the same as a Sharp sewing needle and they have a sharp point. However, they have a long, extra large eye, which makes threading the needle so much easier when using multiple strands of stranded cotton embroidery thread.

Long Darners
6 needles - available sizes 1/5, 7 or 9

Long Darners are another form of a darning needle. The extra length and large eyes make them suitable for mending with yarn. However Long Darners are also a popular needle to use in the soft furnishing and curtain trades. These needles with their extra length make them an ideal tool to use during basting and layering of fabrics together especially in the craft of quilting.

Milliners / Straws
16 needles - available sizes 3/9 or 5/10

Milliners needles are sometimes referred to as Straw needles and are traditionally used in hat making, hence they are called Straw because in the past so many hats were made out of straw. These needles are long with round eyes and ideal when used in the art of pleating and creating fancy decorative stitching or commonly known as smocking. Milliners are sometimes used in bead work.

20 needles - available sizes 3/9, 5 or 8

Quilting sewing needles, sometimes referred to as Betweens needles, are a very short and fine needle with a round eye. Traditionally they were used by tailors and professional sewers and today they are most commonly used in the art of quilting. The diameter of the needle is the same as a Sharp needle however they are much shorter in length. The short length allows the quilter to create quick and even stitching.

16 needles size 1/5
20 needles - available sizes 3/9, 5/10, 7 or 10

Sharps are the needles most commonly used for hand sewing. They do have a sharp point and are of medium length (compared to the short quilting needle or the long milliner's needle). Sharps have a rounded eye, which is usually just large enough to accommodate thread. Size 1 is the longest and thickest, and size 10 is smallest and thinnest.

6 needles - available sizes 18/24, 18, 22, 24 or 26

Tapestry needles or Cross Stitch sewing needles are a must have for every crafter and sewer alike. The blunt round point enables the sewing needle to pass and slip between fabrics and yarns without splitting or tearing the fibres. Use them with wool, embroidery soft cotton and stranded cotton on Single Point Canvas, Double Point Canvas, Aida and open mesh fabric.

Needles & Threader
2 pack sizes available - 25 or 50. Both packs contain a threader, making threading a walk in the park.

25 pack contains 3 different types of needles: Sharps, Embroidery/Crewel and Darners

50 pack contains 6 different types of needles: Tapestry, Chenille, Darners, Sharps, Betweens/Quilting and Embroidery/Crewel.

Household Assorted
12 needles, Assorted sizes

An assorted pack of hand sewing needles for general everyday sewing needs. No household should be without this re-useable pack of sewing needles.

2 needles size 14/18

Knitters needles are commonly known as sewing up needles and, as the name suggests, they are used by knitters to sew pieces of work together.

Easy Threading
6 needles sizes 4/8

Easy Threading Sewing Needles are sometimes referred to as a CALYX EYE NEEDLES.These hand sewing needles have a slotted threading eye at the top into which the thread is passed through. They are specially made and are perfect for those people who have difficulty threading ordinary sewing needles.

Mattress Repair
2 needles sizes 10" x 13 gauge

Straight Mattress Needles as the name suggests are a straight sewing needle used in upholstery, upholstery restoration and repair. A really useful tool for repairing sofa cushions. Traditionally the length of the Mattress.

This pack contains 2 x Mattress Needles length 10" x 13 gauge (2.34mm)

33 Craft Needles
33 needles Assorted sizes, includes 7 types of needles:

Tapestry, size 16.
Embroidery, sizes 3 and 7.
Darners, size 18.
Betweens, size 7.
Chenille, size 20 and 22.
Tapestry, size 18, 20, 22 and 24.
Beading size 10.

Bodkin Set
2 needles - one standard bodkin and one flat type threader.

Sewing Bodkins are flat or round and they have large eyes for threading cords, tapes and elastics. This kit contains a flat tape threader and a sewing bodkin. The sewing bodkin features 2 eyes, therefore it is classed as 2 sewing needles in 1. The smaller threading eye is ideal for thread and the larger eye is more used for tapes and elastics, or indeed yarns.

Household Repair
5 Needles - assorted pack.

An assortment of hand sewing needles every household should have for those tasks when an ordinary sewing needle is not enough. This kit contains a collection of 5 unique repair needles including curved and leather needles ideal for sewing into difficult and hard to reach areas. Be amazed how quickly a difficult task is made easier by using these needles.

Compact Needles
30 assorted needles - 4 different types:


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