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Hemline "Blue Box" Pins

Use the drop down bar carefully to select the pack of pins required - If you click a picture, it will show the code and change the price accordingly (this will be the same in revers - click the drop down box and the picture will change)

Hemline "Blue Box" - Pins

1. 676: Shirt And Bridal - (0.65mm)

A Medium-length, fine gauge pin, with a large bright pearly head designed for shirt and bridal use. Size 34mm / 1 3/8". Pack Of 75

2. 679: Glass Headed - (0.60mm)

Nickel plated, stretch pin with a glass head, which will not be affected when touched by a hot iron. A must when using the iron to set hems, pleats etc. Size 34mm / 1 3/8". 10g / Pack of 95 APPROX*.

3. 700: Dressmaker Nickel - (0.68mm)

Hardened and tempered steel pins, in the most popular size for dressmaking. Size 26mm / 1". 25g / Pack of 315 APPROX*.

4. 701: Dressmaker Nickel - (0.60mm)

Hardened and tempered steel pins, similar to 700 but finer and longer. Size 30mm / 1 3/8". 25g / Pack of 360 APPROX*

5. 702: Bridal and Lace - (0.68mm)

Nickel plated brass pins, rustless for bridal and lace and all applications where a brass pin is required. Size 25mm / 1". 25g / Pack of 300 APPROX*

6. 703: Quilting - (0.75mm)

Extra long pins with easy to see yellow heads for quilting. 0.7mm x 45mm approx 60 pcs.

7. 705: Household Steel 26mm - (0.70mm)

An all purpose pin, slightly thicker than a dressmaking pin, suitable for all general use. Size 26mm / 1". 25g / Pack of 300 APPROX*

8. 706: Plastic Headed Pins - (0.65mm)

Longer size pins with a colourful plastic head. Size 38mm / 1 1/2". Pack of 75.

9. 707: Flower / Flat headed pins - (0.65mm)

Long fine pins with a flat head in a flower design, that can be ironed over. Popular for many uses. 0.65mm x 54mm approx 60 pcs.

10. 708: Sequin / Bead / Lills - (0.65mm)

Very short pins made from nickel plated steel, used extensively for craft with Polystyrene, and for sequin and bead work. Size 13mm / 1/2". 25g / Pack of 710 APPROX*

11. 709. "T" Pins - (1.16mm)

Long and thick pins used for macramé, wigs and craft work. Size 51mm / 1 3/4". Pack of 20.

12. 710: Twist Pins - Spiral Shaft

A special pin that can be twisted into soft wood, furnishing materials etc., for a strong hold. Used extensively for home furnishing. Size 13mm / 1/2". Pack of 30.

13. 712: Craft Pins - Brass (0.15mm)

Short pins made from brass, used extensively for craft with polystyrene and bead work. Size 20mm / 3/4". 25g / Pack of 450 APPROX*

*All items where APPROX is used, means that the pack contains an approximate amount and can either have a couple more or couple less which we cannot be held responsible for.

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