Clover Fabric Craft Quilting Tracing Marking Marker Tools Chaco Liner / Chalk


Clover Marking Tools

  • Chaco Liner Pen Style - 5 Colours available; Blue (CL4710), Pink (CL4711), White (CL4712), Yellow (CL4713) and Silver (CL4714). Wheel tip powder chalk. Permits accurate markings for both straight lines and freehand curves.
  • Chaco Liner Pen Style Refills - all 5 colours available to refill chaco liner Pen Style.
  • Chaco Liner - 4 Colours available; Blue (CL469/B), Pink (CL469/P), White (CL469/W) and Yellow (CL469/Y). Powder chalk. Chaco liners are perfect for drawing thin lines. Wheel tip for accurate marking on fabric.
  • Chaco Liner Refill- all 4 colours available to refill the chaco liner.
  • Triangle Tailor's Chalk -.Available in 4 colours; Blue (CL432/B), White (CL432/W), Yellow (CL432/Y) and Red (CL432/R).

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