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Brand New Genuine Milward Scissors - Choose From Wide Range With Free UK Postage - 5" 12.5cm Steel Dressmaker Shears 2183101 is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

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Steel Dressmaker shears

Sophisticated production technology ensures high quality scissors with long life expectancy. The large eyes of the handles allow a comfortable grip for scissors with longer blades. The new process of cold-forging has the benefit of producing lighter weight models across the range.

1. 5" 12.5cm Steel Dressmaker Shears 2183101

2. 6" 15cm Steel Dressmaker Shears 2183102

3. 7" 12.5cm Steel Dressmaker Shears 2183103

4. 8" 12.5cm Steel Dressmaker Shears 2183104

Soft Grip Scissors/Shears
The titanium coated blades help to eliminate adhesive residues from the surface of the blades. The soft inner ring within the handles provides a comfortable and secure grip. The Milward titanium coated scissor range provides a highly competitive quality-price ratio.

5. 5" 13cm Soft Grip Sewing Scissors 2182110

6. 8" 20cm Soft Grip Dressmaker Shears 2181107

7. 9.5" 24cm Soft Grip Dressmaker Shears 2181108

8. 9" 23cm Soft Grip Pinking Shears 2189004

Plastic & Steel Scissors
A complete range of plastic handled scissors produced with stainless steel blades for hobby and professional use. The precision sharpened blades ensure a long-lasting cutting edge. The plastic handles have a contemporary ergonomic shape for added comfort.

9. 5" 12.5cm Plastic & Steel Sewing Scissors 2182108

10. 6" 15cm Plastic & Steel Household Scissors 2182109

11. 8 3/4" 21cm Plastic & Steel Left Handed Tailors Shears 2181106

12. 9 1/2" 24cm
Plastic & Steel Tailors Shears 2181105

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